Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Powerlifter Scott Mendelson Bigger The Better

 (This picture came from a magazine i don't know which magazine but i will find out)

I was searching the net for athletes and i stumbled upon, a handsome massive muscle man and he took my breath away. the man I'm describing is called Scott Mendelson so immediately i did some research about this powerful powerlifter and i found out that Scott is an American powerlifter. Mendelson is Jewish, and grew up in Brooklyn, New York. He is the current world record holder in the raw bench press with a 715 pounds press at the New England Bench Press Classic on May 22, 2005. and in 2008 he surpassed his record by benching 1,030 lbs at the WPC world championships in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. so you can see that this musclechub is a handsome force not to be messed with 

(his hairy chest just glistening in the sun light and his nipple's are perky must be cold out or his is happy) 

Scott Mendelson Record Benchpress

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Bears & Chubs In Ad's

(nothing is more sweeter than a Musclechub and his dog)

(nice and sweaty please take your time on game day!!! lol) 

Chubs In The Glass House

MY THOUGHTS: The new reality show has started called The Glass House. 14 people from different backgrounds,ages, and occupations come together into a all glass house to compete for a million dollars but the kicker is that the fans pick everything the competitors do. i was hesitant to watch another reality show so today i decided to give it a chance and watched the first episode. and i glad i did it was entertaining, people trying to know it each other and get along, but you and i know that you cant have a good reality TV without drama. and the audience made sure of that by answering the question that the players posted. and the question that started it all was (should i be the most hated person on the show?) ask by Alex an the audience response was (YES!

While i was watching the show i found two chubby hotties on the show Jeffrey the openly gay bear with a big personality  & Gene the 6'7" 340lb big tough guy with a kind personality



 Age: 35
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Occupation: Receptionist
Special Skill: Collecting kitsch
Number of Facebook Friends: ~1000
Motto:I don’t look at the glass to see if it’s half empty or half full. I ask, "Are there free refills?"

Player Bio
I had never been to New York City before moving here 9 years ago with my friends.  My job as a paraeducator for people with disabilities in California ended due to budget cuts, and since I didn't have the resources to finish college, I thought a creative adventure would be worthwhile.  After many retail positions, writing classes, and temp assignments, I settled into being a very, very high powered... receptionist.  I miss the days when I worked as a summer camp administrator and job coach for people with developmental disabilities, but I am a true believer of that tired, old saying "Everything happens for a reason.”  My motivation in life right now is trying to define and discover the new American Dream.  We have all been told it exists, but there are so many paths to choose from on the way to finding it.  Perhaps this show is part of that journey.  My humorous outlook on the world around us keeps me grounded and sane.  My family of friends and I have fun hosting game nights, themed brunches, and silly hat parties.  I am very passionate about LGBTQ civil rights and activism, Mexican food, and my sweet mother, who, as a cancer survivor, has taught me that the power of positivity conquers all. 



Age: 28
Hometown: Chicago, IL
Occupation: Stuntman
Special Talent:Wake Boarding
Number of Facebook Friends: ~1700
Motto: Only the dash matters.

Player Bio
“Hollywood”, a nickname synonymous with Gene. With his charismatic appeal, dramatic presence, and chameleon like ability, Gene’s poised to impact the nations. This single, tall (6’7”), dark, and handsome young man is a force all his own.  As a Stuntman, Wrestler, Professional Driver, Bodyguard, Director, Social Event Sponsor/Promoter and more, Gene wears many hats.  He’s an ambitious force that sees anything he attempts become immensely successful without breaking a sweat.  One of Gene’s most memorable moments was a towering “dunk” that shocked the crowd and shattered a backboard - gifting him with a few scars and a story!  Paintball, basketball, football, snowboarding, roller coasters, collecting Star Wars memorabilia and, of course, his trademark-hats tell the story of Gene!  With a personal mandate to enjoy New Life, Gene surrounds himself with positive people and is always ready for a good time, believing laughter is “good for the soul.”  This gregarious and fun-loving guy makes sure that there is plenty to go around with a contagious and hilarious blend of knowledge, loving sarcasm, and a razor-sharp quick wit.  Gene is a quiet storm with a ROCKSTAR mentality so watch out!  Proudly, Gene has always been 100% drug free.  Gene has several goals: to be the greatest stunt actor to ever live, to direct national and international hit stage plays and feature films, and open an international chain of faith-based social clubs.  Internally, Gene’s upbringing and foundation keeps him firmly rooted.  God, a great mother, a close-knit cadre of friends, and a never-ending quest for life affirming opportunities keeps him moving.  He remembers jumping over a railing some 35 stories in the air to help free himself and his trapped friends from a rooftop stairwell.  Gene’s mother, a strong and driven single parent, nurtured and encouraged her only child.  He credits his good friend Joe Williams for motivating him to become a professional stuntman.   After an unexpected death of a dear friend, “Rice”, he committed to making everyday EPIC because “it’s not about how long or short your life is, but what you do with the dash in the middle that counts,” Gene says.  Gene strives everyday to do his best and focus on what’s right.  An avid thrill seeker, Gene is undoubtedly one of the most adventurous and motivated individuals to hail from Chicago.  This is shaping up to be a spectacular life for this twenty-something on the national and international stage.

 (Jeffrey loves to talk with his hands about every subject )

(I had to post this Beautiful Picture of Jeffrey Shirtless getting into the hot tube)

(See Gene with his swim trunks and his shirt coming up, if his trunks went down a little further we could see butt crack, maybe next time)


Thursday, June 21, 2012

Amazing New Burger King Ad

One day this week i was watching Wendy Williams and her special guest for that day was Piers Morgan. so they talked about piers show on CNN, his past jobs as a reporter and writer. and Wendy brought up a ad of Piers Morgan posing semi-nude for Burger King's new frequents with only a piece of cloth to hide his little piers lol. that made my day for two reasons, the first reason is that i got to see a semi nude shot. and the second reason piers looked amazing with his hairy chest and legs. who knew piers was hiding a nice hairy body under those clothes.

Clip Of Wendy Williams Showing Piers Morgan's Burger King Ad 

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Cedric The Entertainer Is Back On TV (With Special Guest)

Finally!!!! the sexy teddy bear Cedric is back with a new show called the Soul Man. Cedric plays Reverend Boyce The Voice Ballentine, an R&B superstar-turned-minister who takes over as preacher of his fathers church. Niecy Nash ("Reno 911") stars as the reverends wife, Lolli. The pilot also features John Beasley (Everwood) as his father, Wesley Jonathan (What I Like About You) as his younger brother, and Jazz Raycole (My Wife and Kids) as his daughter. The character of Reverend Boyce originated on a second season episode of Hot in Cleveland in which Cedric guest-starred. The Soul Man premieres Wednesdays at 10PM/9C starting Today. i cant wait to see this show, but more important seeing Cedric The Entertainer, i hope the Reverend Boyce have a shirtless scene. i will keep my fingers cross

looking so fly in his suit and tie posing for the his new show,Cedric shows us that chubs can look stylish to, and who better to represent that then Cedric the entertainer.

The Soul Man Trailer

Behind The Scenes Of The Soul Man

EdMagikTV went behind the scenes of  The Soul Man to ask the cast some questions about the show. but something was odd, why was Cee-Lo Green there? i found out that Cee-Lo Green will be part of the show as a guest spot. when i heard that my heart stopped beating. two of the finest chubs are going to be in the same episode, can it get any better lol. Cee-lo plays Cedric aka Reverend Boyce old friend from there singing group days. now both of them are preachers one is a old fashion preacher and the other is more flamboyant and out there. 

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Seth Rogen Is The New Muse In The Bear Community

Seth Rogan was the celebrity guess on the Conan O' Brien late night show, and a very interesting topic was discussed on the show about the gay bear artist's. Apparently Seth is the new artistic muse in the bear community. what i mean by that is, some bears decided sketched some very sexual pics of Seth Rogan.  and he wanted to show them to the world. This is fan art to the next level lol

Thursday, June 14, 2012

So You Think You Can Dance: Leroy Martinez Audition

I am a big So You Think You Can Dance fan, i guess that proves how gay i am lol. the show was amazing as always, there where some great dancers and some not so great dancers. but one chub stood out and yes i said chub. a man named Leroy Martinez came to the stage and told us about his life in a bad neighborhood and how a dance program saved his life from the streets. and  Leroy wanted to help kids to he created a program called the peacemakers a dance group to save kid from the streets and give kids a place to have fun. you fall in love with Leroy's story, but people wanted to see if he can dance. Leroy Martinez blew everybody out the water, this chub could move which made him so much hotter in my eyes

SYTYCD S9 Leroy Martinez Hip Hop Audition

Celeb Twitter Pic: Anthony Anderson

Twitter is a good tool to communicate & post pics to your friend and family about your day and your thoughts, but the best thing about twitter is hot celebrity twitter pics. i found one of my favorite actor and comedian sweaty and shirtless after a good work out. body just glisten in the sun and the person I'm talking about is Anthony Anderson.please post more pics like that Anthony, your fans request it

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Online Web Series: Bulk The Series

Wonderful Bear Find. i found this great web series for the bears & chubs called Bulk The Series .when i saw  the episodes i was hooked instantly with it's comedy, drama and real life issues . there are not many shows about the bear and chub community. mostly the media and other series like to show hairless men with abs running around half naked, that's find, but alot of us want to see hairy men with more meat on there bones. if you want to watch something new and refreshing check this out. i put the website and the youtube channel on the sidebar under web series. if i find more i will be adding them to the list

Bulk – The Series

is a dramatic new web series following Leo DurĂ¡n as he returns to the NYC Bear scene after a devastating break-up. Leo encounters old friends and the possibility of a new romance, but his ex seems determined to stop him from moving on.

The Cast:

  J. Julian Christopher as Leo (Also The Creator Of Bulk The Series)

CirrTone as Barrett

Patrick Johnson as Oscar

  Jim Noonan as Guy

 Robert Valin as Martin

BULK - The Series (trailer) 


To Know More Information about Bulk The Series head to the website on the sidebar 

The Men Of Chicagolicious

I think luck is on my side last night, because i was about to call it a night and before i could hit the bed Chicagolicious on the Style Network came on. So i decided to watch the show and I'm glad i did. this show was funny, crazy, sweet, attitude, drama and much more. but 3 men stood out to me in AJ's Of Chicago. MaCray the sassy gay Chubs in the shop, Aj Johnson the gay owner of the shop, and last but not least  Howard the straight flirt in the shop. sorry gay men in the community Howard is straight Damn!! lol. but i will still be looking anyway.

Style Network Chicagolicious Bio: MaCray
Raised in a small town in Virginia and having lived recently in a bigger small town in North Carolina, MaCray is a fish out of water in the big city of Chicago. Determined to be one of the leaders at the salon, MaCray looks to prove to everyone that he is more than capable of taking on the responsibility.

 Style Network Chicagolicious Bio: Aj Johnson
Salon entrepreneur AJ Johnson opened his business 14 years ago, and AJ's of Chicago has since become a legend in the Chicago beauty scene. Boasting an impressive client list, AJ is on a mission to expand his business to the national level. From launching a new product system to styling for star-studded celebrity events to landing a job as a regular style contributor on a local news show, AJ will not stop until he is the go-to style and beauty expert in the country. Because he wants his team to succeed right along with him, AJ is fiercely loyal.

Style Network Chicagolicious Bio: Howard Howard is the head barber at the salon and worries that AJ doesn't put enough time and money into promoting this full-service specialty—so he has decided to raise the profile of the barbering services on his own. Fitness, dating and romancing women also play major roles in his life.

For information about the other cast members or the show itself go to

Chicagolicious - Chicagolicious Season 1 Peek


Monday, June 11, 2012

Shocker On True Blood Andy Bellefleur Nude Scene

Season 5 Episode 1 of True Blood has begun, and it started off with a bang. or more like a BANG!! BOOM!! POW!!. We have brand new characters in the mix, and of course our old and dysfunctional characters that we love are still there. but more dysfunctional lol. but the shocker of the whole episode for me was Sheriff Andy Bellefleur laying  in bed nude. what an satisfying moment that was, FINALLY!!! we get to see what the sheriff is working with under his uniform, and what i have to say is VERY NICE!!!!!!


Andy Bellefleur Nude Scene Clip