Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Men Of Chicagolicious

I think luck is on my side last night, because i was about to call it a night and before i could hit the bed Chicagolicious on the Style Network came on. So i decided to watch the show and I'm glad i did. this show was funny, crazy, sweet, attitude, drama and much more. but 3 men stood out to me in AJ's Of Chicago. MaCray the sassy gay Chubs in the shop, Aj Johnson the gay owner of the shop, and last but not least  Howard the straight flirt in the shop. sorry gay men in the community Howard is straight Damn!! lol. but i will still be looking anyway.

Style Network Chicagolicious Bio: MaCray
Raised in a small town in Virginia and having lived recently in a bigger small town in North Carolina, MaCray is a fish out of water in the big city of Chicago. Determined to be one of the leaders at the salon, MaCray looks to prove to everyone that he is more than capable of taking on the responsibility.

 Style Network Chicagolicious Bio: Aj Johnson
Salon entrepreneur AJ Johnson opened his business 14 years ago, and AJ's of Chicago has since become a legend in the Chicago beauty scene. Boasting an impressive client list, AJ is on a mission to expand his business to the national level. From launching a new product system to styling for star-studded celebrity events to landing a job as a regular style contributor on a local news show, AJ will not stop until he is the go-to style and beauty expert in the country. Because he wants his team to succeed right along with him, AJ is fiercely loyal.

Style Network Chicagolicious Bio: Howard Howard is the head barber at the salon and worries that AJ doesn't put enough time and money into promoting this full-service specialty—so he has decided to raise the profile of the barbering services on his own. Fitness, dating and romancing women also play major roles in his life.

For information about the other cast members or the show itself go to

Chicagolicious - Chicagolicious Season 1 Peek



  1. i love these guys especially MaGray. child you and your scarfs just do it for me. hahahaha...

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