Sunday, June 10, 2012

Terry Hollands On His Day Off

 I found this sexy picture of Terry Holland taking a shower after a long day of working, flexing and lifting. and i have to thank the person for taking this GLORIOUS!!!! picture of Terry Holland nude and putting it up on the internet. I can gladly say that people in the bear community is grateful   

After a good bath Terry Holland like to sleep on the couch semi-nude, and the bear looks so peaceful in hibernation, who ever taking these pictures keep them coming lol


  1. He's incredible. I think it's his wife who posts them. There's one of him with his dick out waving it in a sleeping friend's face.

    1. Liar, prove it, where can i find this so called dick pic waving it on a sleeping persons face?

    2. It's here:

      And don't call people liars, you rude little fuck.

    3. irony huh? i call your dumbass a liar , just that, and you go on and call me a rude little fuck????? whos the rude little fuck now huh bitch??. exacly, YOU!!!.

  2. And I found it!

  3. Wow that is awesome love the sleeping pic. He is a real stud for sure