Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Beautiful Green Eyed Comedian Gerald Kelly

I first saw this Bronx native on B.E.T's show Comic View. doing his stand up and i was rolling on the floor, his material was hilarious i was young but i still could relate to every joke. after the show i was a fan his delivery and punch lines where on point. since then Gerald has been all over the world doing his comedy,acting and producing  if you want to know more about Gerald Kelly i will have links at the bottom

Mini Bio: Gerald Kelly was born in the Bronx, New York, the eldest of four and raised by a single mom. As a youngster, his point of view about life made him a class favorite.

Kelly would often captivate the students and teachers by telling stories, spontaneously poking fun at anyone who dared to challenge his comic ability. He even impersonated teachers' voices on the P.A. "This is a fire drill!!" All hell would break loose and he'd disappear into the school crowd without getting caught. Actually, he would be the first to stand near his teacher outside the school, "Are they going to send us home? Are we going to be safe?" One of his teachers looked down at him one day and said, "Young man, you should be a comedian." [READ THE REST ON IMDB CLICK HERE]

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  1. Fantastic show this evening!

    The "MOM"

  2. He has some beautiful eyes. He is a good comedian. This man is proof that at one time we all were dark skin and had different colored eyes and hair. Everyone came from a black man and woman.