Thursday, November 1, 2012

Faizon Love VS Kat Williams Comedian War

The two comedians and Friday Movie stars battle with each other has heated up. this battle has been going on for the last 6 months says reporters and now it hits the news, before the Katt Williams TMZ interview there was an interview with Faizon Love by Miss DJ MJ VLAD on her YouTube Channel talking about the Katt William Battle/Beef. (And by the way Faizon Love is in the hot tube shirtless and wet all over so hot) anyway back to the story, Miss DJ MJ VLAD only asked Mr. Love one question and Faizon Responded with that Mr. Williams is a cock roach that needed to be step on a statement to the point. but the interview with Faizon was December 1, 2011 that mean that the Battle/Beef has been going on longer than what the news has been reporting. But Only  A few days after actor Faizon Love told TMZ cameras Katt Williams pulled a gun on him outside of the Supper Club in Los Angeles, A new video was posted on the TMZ site of Katt Williams calling Faizon Love a snitch, but Katt never denied the allegation about the incident at the club. and in further research about the incident Katt was arrested outside the club but was released later with no charges against him. And the big question that everybody want to know what is the Battle/Beef about. The answer is simple money Katt William owes Faizon $50,000 dollars from a joint comedy tour Faizon Love and Katt Williams went on.Faizon Love left the tour early because Williams’ behavior became increasingly erratic behavior which was agitated by Williams’ drug use. Faizon Love says Katt Williams continued to use his name and likeness for the comedy tour after he left and therefore owes him money.

Faizon Love Responds to Katt Williams Beef 


Katt Williams Musclechub Bodyguard is extremely sexy i had to look at the videos 4-5 times because i was focus on  big sexy in the background, 


Katt Williams: Faizon Love is a SNITCH! 



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